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2014 Real Estate Conference

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New technologies introduced at the SF Inman Conference.


Selling Strategies

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We are often asked how do I sell my house fast?  There’s no magic wand or formula that explains why some homes sell faster than others.  What it really comes down to is this – is your home the right price and look for the buyer who is looking.  Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes […]


Winter Weather Damage

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It had been a pretty tough winter and many homes had suffered from severe winter damage. Ice dams happen every winter and for some it’s not bad and for others it can be a devastating discovery as water and ice fall between your walls or through the ceiling. Essentially here’s what happens. Winter storms build […]


Selling your home can be fun!

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No matter the method by which you market your home for sale (whether you go for-sale-by-owner or list with a Realtor), when selling your home, one must be prepared and be ready to show the home to prospective buyers and their agents. Before you list your home for sale there are certain things that you […]


Flashback Friday with

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  Flashback Friday -  A Milwaukee Journal featured article from 2003, the year I launched LLC (click here)       More owners selling, saving on their own While my original package is still available – I now offer a Full-Service with Attorney optional set of services with the fee subject to a successful […]


“Procuring Cause” – what is it and why it is important to understand.

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This article explores how Sellers can save 3.6% and Buyers can save 2.4% by understanding how & ‘Procuring Cause’ works within the traditional Real Estate system. The ‘traditional’ real estate system is based on a ‘double-commission’ for real estate brokers. The first commission is typically 3.6% and the second commission is typically 2.4%. In […]


Create and preserve equity.

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If the current government-backed mortgage loan options were to disappear then it will become much more difficult, or impossible to buy and sell one’s home. Private money will definitely cost more than 3.5% amortized over 30 years.. That’s a fact and I’m not trying to be scary (despite my profile photo). I believe the likelihood […]


Heading for a Crash or time to invest Cash

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  The current real estate market may be artificially supported by a system that could collapse if interest rates were to go back to historic levels. Home values could further plummet if continued regulation makes it harder to for the average person to purchase a home. In times of currency-devaluation (where hard assets such as real […]


Welcome to my Website …

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Welcome to my Website… 2013 looks like it will be a great year for real estate in SE Wisconsin. This website contains links to community information and real estate listings powered by Zillow & Metro MLS. Check back for updates to my new Blog and special offers for Home Buyers and Sellers. Have a happy new year! […]


Introduction to Corey Scholtka &

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I am an experienced Realtor and real estate broker who works above all for the consumer. Work with me to buy your next home and be assured you will get the best price, representation, and a reward after the closing.  My unique selling process cuts out the traditional middle-man in order to save your home equity […]