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Avoid the Double-Dip with

Q. What makes Corey Scholtka and different?

A. When we say we charge a ‘Flat Fee’  – we mean it.


As part of our process at we routinely screen Buyers to determine if they have had any contact with another Realtor. Our Sellers want to be in control of the process and show the home when the Buyer has “No Agent” … when the Buyer comes directly to this translates into additional savings of typically 2.4% for our Seller.


Seller saved an extra $14,000 without the double-dip… on top of $20,000 saved by listing with

Most of our homes sell with a ‘cooperating’ Realtor, but for the roughly 25% that do not – this is a significant savings worth preserving as an option. Our broker’s name shows up as both the “Listing Office” and the “Selling” broker of record when we sell our own property, but what sets us apart is that we want to avoid the “double dip” commission.

We want our homes to be shown by Realtors, in fact about 75% of our homes are sold by Realtors. Our Sellers agree to compensate the Buyer’s Realtor “2.4%” at closing.  Commission rates are negotiable however our Company Policy is a minimum of 2.0% offered to ‘cooperating brokers’. Some of our Sellers even offer 3.0% (which is more customary in other markets). That percentage commission is applicable only when another Realtor is involved in the sale and the home closes.

We want the process to be smooth for everyone including fellow Brokers in the community. Our licensed Real Estate Attorney handles the Offers & Negotiations so your home sale process goes seamlessly. handles all the Agent calls so you never miss an agent’s showing request and you get prompt agent feedback by e-mail. Our virtual-full-service Listings appear on (all the same websites as any other Realtor) including,, ListHub.Net sites and Zillow-Trulia.

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Corey Scholtka (broker/founder) of has helped thousands of clients sell homes in Waukesha’s Lake Country and Milwaukee’s North Shore (and everywhere in between) since founding in Wauwatosa, WI in 2003. Copyright Feb 5th, 2016