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Selling Strategies

We are often asked how do I sell my house fast?  There’s no magic wand or formula that explains why some homes sell faster than others.  What it really comes down to is this – is your home the right price and look for the buyer who is looking.  Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes (after all, you were one once and will be again).  We provide all of our sellers a sheet at the time of each listing titled “Your Home Selling Success”.  We talk about the 5 Ps: Price, Promotion, Presentation, Patience, Process.

Price: We all have different situations and might need to get a certain amount out of the home.  It’s important to really think about the market and what your home is truly worth from a financial standpoint.  It’s tough, but you have to take out the emotional value because you are the only one that means anything to.  By using the “Seller Net Proceeds Worksheet” we provide you, this should help.  You’ll need to think about any extra fees, commissions, etc along with what you are willing to accept.

Promotion: We provide you with the basic tools that work for most people.  You get on the MLS, online exposure, yard signs that let those drive around buyers know you’re for sale.  You can add things like newspaper advertising and open houses.

Presentation:  This can sometimes be tough.  It’s right up there with price.  Your “decorative eye” may not suit everyone.  It’s so important to stage your home.  If you’re living in it no worries….but you need to keep the home clean and decluttered.  Consider painting that bright orange kitchen a more neutral color, have your carpets cleaned, make any minor repairs that might stick out to someone walking into your home for the first time.  Ask friends and family for help or if you can afford it….go ahead and hire a staging firm to help make your home look like THE ONE for that buyer coming through.

Patience:  We live in a world where we want things done asap.  Housing just doesn’t always cooperate that way.  If you’re on a particular time line you may want to consider lowering your price to make it move faster.  Otherwise, just go about your day to day and keep doing what you’re doing.  Before you know it, you’ll have an offer.

Process: No one said selling your house would be easy.  Be realistic with your expectations and if you need help, we are here for you to point you in the right direction.  It may not be a bad idea to have a back-up plan in the event it takes longer than you’d like.  But we feel if you follow the above steps you should be on to your next home/venture in no time.



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