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Selling your home can be fun!

No matter the method by which you market your home for sale (whether you go for-sale-by-owner or list with a Realtor), when selling your home, one must be prepared and be ready to show the home to prospective buyers and their agents.

Before you list your home for sale there are certain things that you will have to do. A prudent home seller will ‘stage’ the home prior to marketing. This is an exciting process when you ‘embrace the change’ … several benefits of preparing to sell your home for sale include:

  • Reminiscing over ‘fond memories’ as you throw away bags of garbage and put together boxes of donations for Goodwill or the Salvation Army.
  • Seeing your home anew as you clean those hard-to-reach places of cobwebs, dusty window sills and various places all around the home.
  • Sharpening your financial skills as you budget for the necessary repairs and improvements that will make your home attractive to buyers.

The fun does not stop once you are prepared for the home sale process! You must be ready to show your home at all times, day or night. Buyers may call on short notice, nights, weekends and especially when you have a family event planned. Be prepared to tidy-up and get out of the house for these showing requests if you want the greatest number of potential home buyers.

This is an exciting process enjoyed by most people only a few times in their lives.

Posted on April Fool’s Day, 2014.



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Jay on said: Reply

Hi Cory, I was given a strong recommendation for you and your work. I am interested in selling my duplex and would like to discuss if this may be something you are able and interested in helping me with. Thanks greatly.


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